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We have selected our brilliant team of trusted local people with the confidence that they can come to your home and deliver an exceptional service to you. They are high quality, highly motivated support workers who have been through the rigorous TrustonTap assessment and screening process. 

See below just a few of our carers across Oxfordshire

We believe you (or your relative) should have a choice of the individual carer who comes round to give you help. We also think it is important that you have as much consistency as possible in who supports you- the same friendly face delivering excellent care on a consistent and reliable basis.

We offer a high standard of support and care at rates you can afford. We use the latest technology to remove traditional agency costs and to ensure that you can have a saving of c. 30% on the cost of your care. All of our TapTeam members are paid at a good rate for the brilliant work they do.

We know how important it is to have someone that you can really trust  and as a result, we only take on individuals that we would be happy recommending to our own relatives. We insist that all TapTeam assistants deliver service and support to you to a very high standard.

What our customers say


TrustonTap persevered to find the perfect fit for my mother's requirements, they worked around her specific needs and never lost sight of the fact that they were dealing with real person. As well as being efficient and thorough, they work in a sensitive and gentle way as they are completely in tune with their client base. I couldn't recommend TrustonTap more highly.

Barbara C.


How do we compare?

Traditional Care Agencies

Affordable Care

You pay from £13 per hour

For someone requiring 3 hours support and care a week, this could be a saving of c. £1000 per year

You pay c.£22 per hour

Motivated Carers

Carers earn over £10.00 per hour

TapTeam carers and support workers receive almost 80% of what you pay. This allows us to be more selective in the carers we choose and ensures that TapTeam members are highly motivated.

Carers are usually paid £7.50- £8.50 per hour

Agency carers typically receive less than 40% of what you pay.


You have a choice on who comes to support you. You can review their profiles and choose an individual that suits your needs and your budget. We pride ourselves on the high quality of TapTeam members

You are unlikely to have any choice.


You have a direct relationship with your TapTeam member and they will provide your care and support on a reliable and consistent basis.

Many agencies will provide different carers on different days. As rewards are low, staff turnover can be high.

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