About Us

TrustonTap is reinventing Homecare. We want people to be able to grow old in their own homes with affordable care and support whenever they need it.

We know that finding suitable help can be often very difficult and are determined to grow a new type of care business that can improve the way in which we look after one another across our communities. We want to make it easier to get trusted help whenever people want it. 

We know that most retired people wish to stay living independently in their own homes. We have a growing team of trusted local carers who will deliver excellent service to older people in their own homes, whether it is a one off task or a regular arrangement. Using the latest technology we can deliver that service at a lower cost whilst also ensuring that our wonderful team of carers are paid at a better rate.

Founders William Cotton and Nick Grant learned from both personal and professional experience the importance of fantastic care for older people. They shared a desire to improve the quality and value of care across Oxfordshire and were inspired to build the TrustonTap business in 2015.


"Having spent 30 years working in businesses at the heart of health and care, I have always admired individuals who are dedicated to supporting the older members of our communities. I have also seen from a personal perspective how difficult it can be for older relatives to get the support and care they need and deserve. TrustonTap is enabling older people to continue living in their homes for as long as they want with all the support and services they need'. 


"I have been very involved in developing assisted living schemes for the elderly and in providing appropriate care and support services. I have also been involved in a number of social enterprises and have seen first hand the impact that excellent care can have on those who need help. We all want the very best support and care for our own relatives - and ultimately for ourselves- and I strongly believe that TrustonTap is helping to achieve that whilst also addressing some very real challenges that we face in our communities"

We really want to help older people live happily and independently at home with all the care and support they need and can afford. Nothing makes the TrustonTap team happier than connecting families with our fantastic team of trusted assistants

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